Many people would have a doubt on how a person’s sleeping position would affect them. The sleeping position of a person would have an impact on the health. People find some complicated ways to breath. In a usual sense, most of the people are side sleepers. A person’s position would turn or flip in a deep sleep and ten to make the sleeping position in sideways. To overcome this issue, you can find some Masks that help you to get rid of this problem.

Who Are Really Side Sleepers

Most of the people tend to sleep in one fixed sleeping position. Among them, people are sleeping towards their sides is the most common type. The ideal sleeping position is to sleep on one’s back, but side sleeping is the next best way. But that does not eliminate the side effects due to the position. People who tend to sleep on their side tend to have frequent attacks of the pain of neck and back. You can get some proves that side sleeping can cause wrinkles and even the breasts may sag.

side sleep

When the spine is straight even in the lateral position, it achieves its best alignment. Your spine is strained when you bend. People complaining of a frequent backache have the habit of sleeping in an unnatural position for many hours.
You should support your neck and waist when you sleep on your side and should keep your spine aligned during sleep. During sleep, your muscles and ligaments of back heal themselves by giving them appropriate rest, and it is possible if you maintain proper posture in sleeping. People who are suffering from sleep apnea mostly resort to side sleeping by using CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure). Cpap Masks For Side Sleepers can reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea.
Side sleeping is helpful for people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, for people suffering from neck and back pain and for pregnant women. Side sleeping is ideal for these individuals who allow them to sleep more comfortably.

What Is Sleep Apnea

sleep Apnea

It is a sleeping disorder that is happened by frequent pauses in respiring or shallow exhaling and inhaling during sleep. Each breathing break takes few seconds or minutes, and these interruptions occur many times a night. Most of the person’s face these pauses, and it leads loud snoring. Due to these interruptions, people can face various health issues including chronic daytime drowsiness, restless sleep, heart disease and stroke.
There are three forms of sleep apnea:
01 .obstructive(OSA)
02.central (CSA)
03. mixed
Obstructive sleep apnea is nothing but most common type of sleep apnea. The primary mechanism behind this apnea is decreased in the space that is needed for the air movement through the nose and also into the lungs. This reduction in space happens due to the collapse of the throat and the oral cavity. This causes a halt in the process of breathing which leads to deprivation of oxygen in the blood. This results in hypoxia of the tissues due to decreased delivery of oxygen.

Hypoxia develops due to falling in blood oxygen levels which the brain can sensitize. This sensation causes the person to arouse from sleep. These act as a real challenge to people. Cpap Masks For Side Sleepers was designed to help reduce these episodes of arousal during sleep .

How Your Sleeping Position Acts On If You Have Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sleeping Positions

In the lateral recumbent position, the upper airways are more circular whereas it is more elliptical in the supine posture. In lateral position, the circular shape of the airway prevents the collapse of the airway tube from collapsing. This explains the influence of sleeping position on the obstructive sleep apnea.

Left and Right Side

The positioning of your upper airway either on an elbow scale or a side may help to open space for you to breathe while in this position during sleep. If you are not obese and have mild OSA, left-side sleeping may be preferred as “positional therapy” for this reason. Gravitational effects directly on the upper airway due to the structure of anterior pharyngeal is displaced. The susceptibility to collapse goes increased as the pressure on its walls gets decreased.

Supine (back):

You are having a two-fold risk for sleep apnea while sleeping supine. In your sleep mode, there is an upper airway resistance is created due to the crowding of the upper airway tissues and thus could lead you to snore more.

One of the primary reasons of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is the supine posture in the majority of patients, and almost 60% of patients have positional sleep apnea which can be defined as a supine apnea-hypopnea index (AHI), and this is twice as that observed when in the lateral recumbent posture. 

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is more in the supine position in most of the patients. Apnea severity (apnea duration, minimum oxygen desaturation, arousal length and frequency) is increased when supine. 

The gravitational collapse of the upper airway can get prevented by elevating the upper part of the body to about 30 degrees. As the upper airway is more circular in lateral recumbent position, the gravitational force is smaller in the component. So lateral positions are recommended for treatment of sleep apnea.

How Your Sleeping Position Acts On If You Have Central Sleep Apnea

The effect of sleeping position in central sleep apnea with Cheyne Stokes respiration (CSA-CSR) is not much explained by any expert.

Lateral position attenuates the severity of Central sleep apnea with Cheyne Stokes Respiration. This effect is not dependent on postural effects on the upper airway and is mostly due to changes in pulmonary oxygen stores.

Continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP gets recommended for the people who are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. It consists of a mask for the patients to wear over their nose and mouth which is attached to a unit or motor through a tube. It used by the patients during the night to prevent the apnea spells. CPAP abbreviated as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine provides you with a constant pressure so that the airway gets restricted from collapsing. The device provides pressurized air through the airway. This allows the patient to breathe freely and decreases the apnea spells during sleep. This device is also helpful for patients who are undergoing from bronchospasm and does not need additional oxygen supply.

 CPAP machines are easy to use and are consists of three parts:

  • MASK



Cpap Masks For Side Sleepers is a permanent solution for mild to severe obstructive sleep apnea. CPAP masks are not easily portable (though separate travel varieties are available).

CPAP masks come in all shapes and sizes because every individual may not feel comfortable wearing the masks of a particular shape and size as others. The sizes and shapes of masks may vary to different shaped faces. You can find three masks to choose from:

  1. Nasal pillows
  2. Nasal masks
  3. Full face masks

One of the Key things you can try to improve your health to use this CPAP mask on a regular basis. To help for decreasing your obstructive sleep apnea symptoms, the device needs to be used on a regular nightly basis because once you discontinue the using this mask, the symptoms will often revert immediately because CPAP is used for sleeping therapy but not for healing your health issues.

Below we have listed some results which you can meet after using CPAP Mask

  • You would experience very less snoring activities and also the breathing disturbances.
  • You would tend to sleep deeply after its usage
  • The usage of the devices could lead you to reduce the effect to severe cardiovascular diseases and also this usage would minimise the chances of strokes.
  • You would also experience a better blood pressure than before, and also you would find yourself alerted than before during the day
  • Also, your drowsiness would come to a very small scale after the device usage

Different types of sleep apnea CPAP masks

  • There is no particular way to choose a CPAP Masks For Side Sleepers. The mask type that suits you best depends greatly on your personal needs and preferences. Each mask has its benefits.
  • Most masks are triangular in shape those are to be worn over your nose or even the nose and mouth at once. If it is also a full-face mask gives you a provision to wear over nose and mouth simultaneously with a small adjustment of the headgear straps.
  • “Quick-release” clips are attached to the straps at the front of the mask, and the other side of the strap hooks are attached, and these both allow for quick, easy removal of the mask. The short description of the different models of Nasal masks are here:

Nasal Pillows

A Nasal Pillow can be defined as a simple breath supplement, and this is placed just below the patient’s nose and thus supply air to them. To keep a perfect position of the mask even during nights side straps would be available.

Nasal Pillows

Nasal Pillows

Benefits of Nasal Pillows:

  • It provides a better pasture of vision than many of the other masks, so it is ideal for the person who likes to read or watch TV before bedtime.
  • Allows the user to wear their glasses as there’s no material across the bridge of the nose and gives the space for glasses.
  • Reduce air leakage as there is direct airflow into the nasal passages
  • Good for active sleepers who toss and turn a lot in bed.
  • The patients who wear glasses can use this variety of masks. This kind of mask does not cover the entirety of the face and thus allows the patients to have a full field vision even when their glasses are off. The type of mask is ideal for the patient who is prone to cold or allergies.
  • One of the models comes with a ball-cup-style which has an adjustable mount to it, and this helps the patient to get supplied with air pressure from both cushions and nasal pillows.

Full Face Masks

Full face facial mask can cover the nose and mouth, or the parts of the face. Side straps of the mask keep it in place. Some hybrid Cpap Masks For Side Sleepers have nasal prongs that fit into the nostrils like a nasal pillow cover the mouth also.

full face mask

full face mask

Benefits of CPAP Face Masks:

  • The ideal choice for mouth-breathers and for those that haven’t worked well with the nasal mask/chinstrap combination are Face masks.
  • Ideal for patients who frequently suffer from nasal obstructions or congestion due to allergies or cold symptoms.
  • The full-face mask covers the entire facial area, unlike the nasal pillows and nasal masks which touch the upper lip the bridge of the nose.
  • This mask is recommended for the patients who require high CPAP pressure since the surface area of the mask is a little wider than the normal ones, and thus the pressure is also more
  • These masks are ideal for the patients who are very much likely prone to breathe from their mouth during their sleep.It is also very much suited for lying back patients as it provides an optimal air seal for that position.It has a higher rate of air leakage especially near the top of the mask due to larger surface area.
  • Wearing face mask regularly could be bothersome for few people as we can see face marks on their face though considering it  as less concerned aspect

Pediatric CPAP Masks

Pediatric masks essentially provide the same CPAP therapy in a smaller size. Available in nasal and full-face styles, with a pediatric headgear, which can come either as a  package or an optional item.

Difference between Pediatric mask and adult mask

Pediatric masks being very small and easy to use, it can be best suited for children as they have less facial definition and smaller faces. Indeed it should provide more comfort by not causing any soreness or irritation when compared to adult masks.

children mask

These masks must be replaced very often when it doesn’t provide a complete seal as it may do not ensure comfort and effectiveness.The entire CPAP masks kit for side sleepers must get replaced every 6 months.

Things To Be Considered Before The Purchase Of Mask

Mask selection: One of the important criteria to be considered before the purchase of the mask set is the availability of its spare parts in case of any repair.

Noise: It would be better for the users to have a trail unit to see how well they can get adjusted as few machines are very loud and can be a real disturbance to both user and their partner.

Humidifier: humidifier is an essential part of the set as it helps to moisten the air which is coming out of the device. This acts as a beneficial feature by improving patient compliance and serves as an additional benefit for those with problems with mouth breathing.

Portability: This is an essential element to be considered. The device needs to be lighter and as small as possible for it to be travel-friendly.

Ramp: Ramp helps the patient to easily get into the advised airflow without any feeling of increased pressure initially. This is done by gradually increasing the pressure of the air until the prescribed pressure is obtained.

Exhalation pressure relief: This acts as a substitute for the standard CPAP treatment. This provides an experience of inhaling air naturally. This is done by the detection of the onset of exhalation and helps in the reduction of the treatment pressure by decreasing the speed of the motor.

Heated tubing: The heated pipe helps to regulate the temperature of the air passing through the tubes. This helps to adjust the air temperature and humidity to the most comfortable levels possible.

Mask on and off alert: This option is of great help to people who tend to remove their mask unknowingly during their sleep. This alert emits an alarm which reminds the user to put on their mask.

Leak compensation: This helps to detect any leaks through the mask and corrects them automatically to maintain the optimum air pressure required.

Data recording: Data recording helps to monitor the breathing activity of the user. It also keeps a check on parameters such as the number of hours used, sinus rhythm and also hypopneas.

7 Best  CPAP Masks For Side Sleepers In 2017

Here we have discussed some CPAP Masks for side sleepers. This list can help you to select best one for you or your dear ones.

Respironics Dreamwear Nasal Mask 


PHILIPS Respironics Dreamwear Nasal Mask

The hose of this CPAP connects at the top of the head. This allows minimalistic contact of the device with the face of the user. Since the air inhaled is from the upper part of the mask, this set acts as a perfect solution for people who sleep on their side and stomach. The medium frame of this set fits in with most of the users. The nasal cushions are available in a wide range of sizes. Therefore, they are a perfect fitting for a large proportion of users.

These nasal masks are very comfortable to handle and sleep with. They also do not allow any air to leak during the night. Users also find it easy to handle because of the minimal amount of contact the mask has with their head and face. Even the straps do not produce many lines on your face by morning.

Nose is freed from irritation.The most common problem faced by the patients during CPAP therapy is tubing which is solved by Respironics DreamWear Nasal CPAP Masks For Side Sleepers.

Features and Benefits

  • Greater freedom of movement during sleep is attained as the tube is away from the face.
  • It can get used in any position – stomach, side, or back.
  • It is designed in such a way that it is minimally in contact with the nose.
  • Its simple design makes it easy to handle and makes it more comfortable.


Features & Benefits:

  • It can be used even if you are suffering from cold and it doesn’t get clogged and is comfortable.
  • This one stays in place even when you roll on your side.
  • The nasal pillows get into the nostril pads and are held in place even when you turn around with the help of their molded protrusions.
  • These Head straps do not get easily worn out through constant rubbing.
  • The nuance pro is compatible with the fisher and Paykel machine and with all machines. 


Mask for side sleeper 02

Features and Benefits:

  • The set consists of the frame, masks under three sizes, and a tube. This tube connects to the mask on one side, and the other side is attached to the tubing end of the machine.
  • The frame includes one medium cushion.
  • It also comes with the short hose/elbow that connects to the longer hose from a CPAP unit. 
  • It keeps the seal all night. And, the area in contact with the nose and lip area is soft.
  • The frame is made up of fabric unlike silicon of traditional wisp mask.



Side sleeper 03

Fisher & Paykel offers CPAP Nasal 360 degrees Mask which gives you the freedom to sleep comfortably in any position and movement.
Features and Benefits

  • The nasal pillow mask is more comfortable to use due to the lesser degree of disturbances it causes to the user and their partner because its progressive airflow system is calm and produces the very minimal amount of noise from its exhaust flow.
  • These pillows provide a comfortable fitting enabled with a premium seal, and also these engulf new shape and design in the contours which ensures you have a better comfort
  • This Nasal Pillow mask is Elegant in design, and it looks too simple, yet it firmly holds the tube in the desired position thus providing stability to keep the mask in place. Alternatively, when you leave the tube unanchored, the ball and socket joint comes into play that allows true 360 degrees of freedom.

Beststores Resmed Quattro

Features and benefits

  • It is inexpensive when compared to other CPAP masks.
  • Resmed has incorporated its patented dual-walled cushion with spring technology into the Quattro.
  • This cushion also provides some movement during sleep as the floating membrane at the chin accommodates jaw drop.
  • Resmed claims that the Quattro fits 95% of full-face CPAP Mask users.
  • The special feature of this is that it provides a complete replacement valve assembly for the Quattro full face mask.
  • The Quattro was built with fewer parts which make it easier to handle, disassemble and clean without frustration.

Apex Wizard 210 Nasal Mask

Features and Benefits

  • The Apex Wizard 210 Nasal Mask is one best CPAP Masks for slide sleepers. It can help you to enjoy sleep at night and in the next morning, you feel relaxed.
  • It comes with soft silicone cushion and ergonomic forehead pad give you ultimate comfort. Its lightweight feature will enhance your experience of sleeping therapy.
  • Wizard 210 Nasal Mask contains four parts, and it can reach feet quickly any facial contour

Apex Wizard 220 Full Face Mask

Features and Benefits

  • Apex Wizard 220 includes mask and headgear, so it gives a perfect fit to your facial shape.
  • Its soft silicone cushion, which provides ultimate comfort and stability. It contains ergonomic forehead pad with pressure distribution technology that enhances its comfort.
  • It has the quick release headgear buckle and soft tubing connection inbuilt in it that can help you to use it without any hassle.

What Things To Consider While CPAP Masks For Women

Sleep apnea was considered as a “man’s disease” for many years. However, the effects of it lied to people of all genders in the U.S and more than men; women are being diagnosed. It is just as dangerous for women who can lead them to have significant complications during pregnancy or menopause. Women need a different design for the mask because of their facial structure and contours.

Following are some factors that you need to consider while purchasing CPAP mask for women

  1. You should buy those covers which are adequate in shape for females. Some companies are manufacturing CPAP facial covers, especially for women.
  2. Some masks have a special headgear options that can help females to avoid “Headgear hair.” Most of the women like to use this kind of masks.
  3. The most important things to consider is women should pick that mask which gives them ultimate comfort. If you purchase online, they must select those masks which come with a return policy.

Following Are Some CPAP Masks Which Are Ideal For Females:

  • Headgear-free Nasal Pillow Mask for Women
  • Swift FX Nano Nasal Mask for Women
  • Quattro FX Nano Full Face Mask for Women

Swift FX Best CPAP Mask For Women

Nasal pillows mask, or the CPAP Masks For Side Sleepers in a design created especially for women is Swift FX. It accommodates the women small facial features. The stylish pink color with the soft and streamlined feel makes you more comfortable than ever.

Key features

  • The pink back strap gives you a personalized mask that exactly suits you.
  • The pillows are packed with XS, S and M size that better fit for female users. The back strap length on the headgear is made to be shorter than the standard Swift FX for women’s unique needs.
  • Soft wraps of the pillow enhance comfort at the cheeks.
  • It is Exceptional softness, simple, simplicity and stability also It is flexible, and its fluid design conforms to your facial contours and movement.

This minimal design creates an ergonomic feel and also you can opt for reading or watch TV at bedtime, even with glasses on.



  • The resmed swift mask is easy to use and handle as is with all the available adjustments required for the different anatomical sizes and shapes of the persons. It can be comfortably used during sleep. It can also be easily washed and stored unlike the old bulky and inconvenient nasal masks.
  • The video necessarily provides the information required to use the mask appropriately and is of great help to the patients who are using it for the first time.
  • It describes who to assemble the mask appropriately again for further use after washing it.



Here Are Some Important Tips for Side Sleepers for Deal With Sleep Apnea

  • People with obstructive sleep apnea better to prefer the lateral side than the supine posture during sleep.
  • People with central sleep apnea better avoid lateral position.
  • People with sleep apnea need to use CPAP masks regularly to become symptom-free of the apnea spells during sleep.
  • Using CPAP masks does not necessarily remove the troublesome apnea spells, but the correct size of the mask should be utilized and regularly because CPAP mask is not a complete cure of sleep apnea.
  • It provides relief from the disturbing symptoms and assures an adequate sleep to the patients.
  • Early use of CPAP Masks For Side Sleepers prevents the cardiovascular compromise events which usually the sleep apnea patients develop after long-term.

Point to be Noted: Do not let Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) rob you of the adequate rest you need! USE CPAP MASK REGULARLY AND GET ADEQUATE SLEEP.

Last Word 

If you face any difficulty in having a deep sleep, just try out with the CPAP Masks for Side Sleepers, which would relieve you of the problem. You can find some products in the market to overcome the issue, but we have gathered the best among them and presented to you. Have a happy and profound sleep hereafter by using these masks. Try out the best one that suits you and fits to not have further disturbances in your sleep.If you need any assistance please leave your comment below . We will reply you withing 2 working days .

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